In your time of loss and grieving, St. Margaret Mary Parish is always ready to help you and your family with the funeral arrangements. We hope the following information is helpful to you in dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Ministry to the sick and dying:  Along with the clergy and staff of the parish, many of our parishioners are trained to minister to those who are homebound or sick. This can include visits for the celebration of the sacrament of the sick, for the sacrament of reconciliation, and for the reception of Holy Communion. It is never an inconvenience to us to do this. We want to be there for you and your family. Please know, as well, that your privacy is always maintained. If you desire that no one know what may or may not be happening with you or your loved ones besides those you wish to tell, we will always abide by your wishes and keep confidentiality. Just call us at the parish office (781-326-1071) to arrange for a visit.

Ministry as death draws near:  As you or your loved one draws closer to death, we want to be there and pray with you. This can be at home, in the hospital, or in a nursing home. Please call us so that we can celebrate the last rites of the Church with you. The final reception of Holy Communion known as "viaticum" or "food for the journey" is understood to be our "last rite." It is important that the person receiving viaticum be conscious of what is going on so please do not wait until the last minute to call upon us. Oftentimes, too, the person who is dying may wish to make known particular wishes for the funeral rites, something with which our staff can help him or her.

When death occurs:  Again, whether in the home, the hospital, or a nursing home, we are there to help you. There are beautiful prayers and rites connected with the time of death that are truly consoling and helpful to those who have just lost a loved one and we want to pray them with you.

Arranging for the day and time of the funeral:  You can begin the funeral arrangements either by contacting us directly (781-326-1071) or by first contacting the funeral director who will then contact the parish. Please know that we always want to celebrate a funeral Mass for any Catholic who has died. The parish church is available for a funeral Mass on most every weekday including Saturdays except Wednesdays. We normally celebrate the funeral Mass at 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM. However, if your family is small and you do not expect many attendees, we would like to offer the Mass at 9:00 AM so that the normal daily Mass community can be there to support you with their prayers and presence.

Fees:  For funerals St. Margaret Mary's Parish charges a $200 Parish fee. In addition the organist and cantor each charge a $200 fee. These fees may be revised at any time.

Choice of Readings:  You and your family are more than welcome to choose the biblical readings to be proclaimed at the funeral. If you want to have two readings before the Gospel, the first one is to be from the Old Testament and the second from the New Testament. Please speak with the funeral director or the priest or deacon who will be celebrating the funeral about any questions you may have. 

Readers:  You are welcome to ask a family member or friend who is a baptized Catholic to read at the funeral. It is recommended that you choose someone who regularly serves as a lector in their parish or who at the minimum has public speaking experience.