K-10 Program and Class Dates

Religious Education is offered for all parishioners in Kindergarten through 10th Grade. This year we will be offering both in-person classes as well as the homeschool remote option we offered last year. We are planning to celebrate the Sacraments of 1st Reconciliation (January 2022) and1st Eucharist (May 2022) for our 2nd grade students, and Confirmation (spring 2022) for our Confirmation Prep Yr 2 students. Students enrolling in Confirmation Prep Yr 1 must have completed Faith Formation classes thru grade 8.  For more information on class days and times please refer to our registration page.  

Religious Education Calendars:

-Grades K-5

-Grades 6-8

-Grades 9-10

Additional Documents:

Catechist Application

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