Music Ministry

St. Margaret Mary has a thriving Music Ministry consisting of Adult and Children's choirs (a Youth choir is currently being developed), a Contemporary Liturgical Ensemble, guest instrumentalists and a concert series.

Adult Choir:  The Adult Choir is the premiere musical ensemble at the church. Consisting of 20 voices, St. Margaret Mary's Choir sings everything from chant to six-part motets and anthems. They can be heard at the 11am Sunday masses, holidays, and at other special occasions. The Adult Choir's repertoire reaches beyond standard hymns and spirituals into the rich traditions of ancient church chant, renaissance motets, classical works and contemporary compositions.

The Adult Choir rehearses Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm. An informal audition is required.


Kid's Choir:  The Kid's Choir is made up of extremely energetic and dedicated young voices, grades K-6. They sing a variety of music, in unison and simple harmony, learning songs and the fundamentals of choral techniques in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The Kid's Choir sing at the first 8:45 mass each month (the children's mass). In addition, they augment the Adult Choir for the Christmas and Easter celebrations.

All are welcome to join the Kid's Choir at any time. We rehearse Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm.

Contemporary Ensemble:  The Contemporary Ensemble is a unique and entirely new musical group at St. Margaret Mary Parish. It is not a praise band, folk group, jazz ensemble, nor traditional choir, but instead borrows elements from all these musical traditions. The result is a consistently fresh and imaginative sound which revitalizes the liturgy and engages the congregation.

The Contemporary Ensemble is made up of a variety of instrumentalists and singers and can best be thought of as a project band. We explore the latest in liturgical music while learning the fundamentals of small ensemble performance in this eclectic and inventive ensemble.

Anyone with proficiency on an instrument or voice is welcome to join. The Contemporary Ensemble rehearses Wednesdays at 7:30 and performs at the 6:00pm Sunday mass. (Any instrument - guitars, piano, horns, reeds, strings, or percussion, is welcome!)

Music Ministry